What I am focused on NOW

This list has no particular order:

  • > Training others in new and interesting cloud technologies and how to use those in a secure manner
  • > Expanding my business by helping startups to find the technology they need
  • > Expanding my knowledge by learning new things every single day (not only tech stuff)
  • > Listen to good music more often
  • > Staying connected with friends and family
  • > Working on my personal blog (http://JustCantGetEnough.Granikos.eu) on a more regular Basis


I am looking for new and interesting projects on Exchange, Office 365 and Azure.

I am looking for user group events to speak about cloud and hybrid deployments.

I am not looking for a new permanent role.


Need a helping hand or technology advice for your Exchange project? Email me: thomas@mcsmemail.de



Derek Sivers' NOW project got me introduced to a way on staying focused in life.